Sunday, October 9, 2016

Regimental Colour and Uniform of the Kapusta Zemlya Infantry Regiment

From the province of Kapusta Zemlya, the fertile heartland of Velikye Byelgorodniya, comes the infantry regiment of the same name.

Variously known as 'The Cabbage Eaters', 'The Trumpeters', or 'The Old Combustibles', the regiment takes pride of place at the green, leafy heart of the Byelgorodniyan military system.

The regimental colours display The Rose of Byelgorodnyia (known to less poetic souls as 'the cabbage') in gold, with the Velikye Byelgorodniyan crown above, and the Cyrillic initials of the province to either side.

The regimental colours are echoed in the soldiers' uniforms. Although not visible in the picture, the coat buttons are emblazoned with the heraldic cabbage.

The regimental march is The Wind That Shakes The Cabbage, a mournful ditty for trumpet, pipes, and surprised horse.


  1. Most amusing. Do you have the cabbage eaters painted up?

    1. Patience! All will soon be revealed...
      ; )