People: Gross Wurttemstein

Margravine Sophia Dorathea Therese of Wurttemburg

Descended from a long line of Wurttemburg nobility the Margravine took a pronounced deviation from the norms of the family hereditary gene pool being a famous beauty.  Vivacious, intelligent and with a quick wit the Margravine flouted her parents wishes by determining to only marry an intellectual as well as equal in rank whom she must love.  Although not entirely pleased with the attentions of Grossherzog Florian, the Margravines parents soon gave way when the Margravines flatly refused to countenance any other offers of marriage.  Settling in Florianburg the Margravine soon became a popular figure with the people with her positive influence in social policies and ensuring the education of children.  Truly a child of the enlightened age she also further earned to love of her people by providing a formerly family secret and highly prized recipe of Winter Ale for her husband on his 50th birthday and providing 50 barrels to each of the towns to mark the occasion.   With a keen interest in her people and the machinations of the royals houses of Europe the Margravine is able to hold her own in the ways of running the nation and her advice is much prized.

The Margravine is also the only women to have been known to completely disarm Graf von Schlitz and have him wrapped around her finger admonishing on occasion for his excesses which he takes with uncharacteristic meekness.   A fine horsewoman and a keen observer of horseflesh, it is due to the Margravines attentions that the Garde du Korp have such fine mounts and every trooper vies to outdo his neighbour for a compliment from her on the standard of his accoutrements and maintenance of his mount.   The Garde du Korp refer to themselves as ‘The Margravines Own’ in private and while they will do stern duty for their Grossherzog they will do anything for the Margravine. 

While the Margravine would appear to be the very epitome of womanhood it is also well known that her abilities to choose a matching menu and arrange seating plans are rather poor and her needlework is universally recognised as abysmal.  Once suggesting that a vegetable sausage would match pomegranate wine she also arranged to have Graf von Schlitz sit next to two husbands who he had cuckolded.  Fortunately the palace has a superb staff who are delegated these duties and such is the love for the Margravine that none will gainsay her.

It should also be said that her musical ability can not be described as stellar and the less said about her poetry the better.  Not that these pursuits are unattractive to her but rather beyond her ability to achieve.  However it is universally recognised that the Margravine is THE arbiter of good taste and style with respect to attire and decor.

Informally the Margravine is known as the ‘Grand Sophie’ by the people and sales of her likeness are favourites in all marketplaces.

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