Army: Gross Wurttemstein

Each of the major towns was to raise a regiment to be barracked locally with regular field exercises. With plans for the army initially being 6 regiments of Infantry, 2 regiments of cavalry and 2 artillery batteries organised as follows:

Regiment Inhaber Quarters Type
Garde du Korp Herzog von Wurttemstein Florianburg Cuirassier
Leib Regiment Herzog von Wurttemstein Florianburg Grenadiers
Florianburg Hussaren Graf von Schlitz Florianburg Hussars
Bieirinnsbruck Colonel von Steiner Bieirinnsbruck Marines
Wiesscroppen Colonel Dunklgelb Wiesscroppen Musketeers
Hoppenfeldt Colonel Rosenburg Hoppenfeldt Musketeers
Lagerstadt Colonel von der Shlacht Lagerstadt Musketeers
Gross Pilsen Graf von Karlsberg Gross Pilsen Musketeers

Recruiting for the army has been slow but the Herzog has commissioned flags and guidons for some 8 regiments of infantry and 4 regiments of cavalry and nominated Inhabers for the initial regimental musters. Needless to say recruiting for the prestigious cavalry and Leib regiments has been good while the line infantry recruiting has had a very low turn out thus far. The Herzog will raise a regiment of Marines in order to defend his waterways and trade and while it is the cavalry and leib regiments that carry the most prestige, the Marines are the regiment that the Herzog has a particular fondness for.

Being of somewhat advanced years the Herzog has decided that he will not lead the army in the field, should that be required, and has passed on the baton of battlefield leadership to his most able commander Graf von Schlitz.

Inhaber of the Florianburg Hussars, known as Der Rot Hussaren because of their uniforms, Graf von Schlitz has already established a reputation for aggressive action in the War of Austrian Succession and has become famous as Graf von ‘Blitzen’ Schlitz. Wearing an extravagant hussar uniform the Graf can always be seen, and heard, on the field and is the darling of the army. The very picture of a hussar, it could also be said that ‘Blitzen’ garnered his reputation for passing the traditional hussar test of 3 girls, 3 miles and 3 bottles of champagne in 3 hours by completing the task in 2 hours and celebrating the task with same said girls and the remainder of the case of champagne!

Graf Gebhard von Schlitz at age 24

While the other regimental commanders are less impressed with his antics, and ensuring that their wives are never without an escort! They can not deny that the Graf has the presence and experience to lead the fledgling army to glory on the battlefield. Ever mindful of the need for sensible and calm reflection as well as dash and verve, the Herzog has also appointed Graf von Karlsberg as the Chief of Staff of the army and it is his talent as an administrator combined with his own solid battlefield experience that ensures the Wurttemstein army is one to be reckoned with.

Graf August von Karlsberg

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