Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reinforcements from our Austrian Allies

From Maria Theresa Walburga Amalia Christina, by the grace of God sovereign of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Mantua, Milan, Lodomeria and Galicia, the Austrian Netherlands and Parma, Duchess of Lorraine, Grand Duchess of Tuscany and Empress Consort of the Holy Roman Empire.

My Dearest Mikhail Johann,

It is with deepest regret that I heard of the increase in tensions between yourself and your unruly Northern neighbours. Frustrating as these times are, we must understand that these lesser "nation-states" are invariably backward and lack the worldly view of those such as ourselves. At times they will "throw their toys from the pram" so to speak and we must simply do as needs must.

Therefore, in view of the longstanding friendship between ourselves, Francis and I send to you some of our loyal soldiers to support you in your time of need. Do with them as you see fit, I know you would treat my children as you would your own.

With fondest regards,
Maria Theresa.

P.S. If I may offer you some advice, have the idiot Gruber taken out into the hills and shot. I really don't know what you see in him and if you're to have any chance whatsoever against that upstart Dmitry and his army of shaved monkeys the likes of Gruber will need to be removed before its too late.


Field artillery

O'Donell Cuirassiers


  1. some lovely units in this and previous couple of posts

    -- Allan

  2. We'll have less of your lip, Habsburg!