Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Ducal Colour of Saxe-Coburn und Buchholz

The infantry regiments of the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Coburn und Buchholz carry two colours into battle, the regimental or Inhaber's colour and the ducal colour.

Here we see the ducal colour, graced by the elegant countenances of Herzog Mikhail Johann von Hollerenschaut on the obverse and Herzogin Genoveva Annalisa Elizabetha on the reverse. The colour is 5 feet square. The material is raw champagne coloured silk, embroidered with laurel wreaths and surrounded by quadruple crowns.

The ducal colour of Saxe-Coburn und Buchholz


  1. A great big welcome to the world of imaginations.I look forward to following your adventures and army building.Emperor v Elector is a splendid community of petty Duchies and big hearted gamers.
    best wishes
    The Duke of Tradgardland
    p.s I wonder if your cartographer is one of my ancestors

  2. Thanks tradgardmastare!

    I completely agree with your assessment of "a splendid community of petty Duchies and big hearted gamers". It was one of the main attractions to the imagi-nations arena.

    PS. Who knows wherefrom Herr Gruber might have sprung? Any directions to his birthplace are likely to be incomprehensible!


  3. As that great Scottish knight and Brigadier General in the army of Strathclyde would say, "nice to see you, to see you, nice"

  4. A great, so promising debut: cheers!

  5. Greetings and felicitations from the Kingdom of Wittenberg

    Nice flags, enjoyed the Gazeteers

    -- Allan