Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Border patrol

As tensions mount and events more inexorably towards war it seems there is little left to do now but prepare for the worst. Or wurst, if you're a member of the catering korps obviously...

Out on the border between Ober Kraftwerk and Nizhny Bublik the indefatigable grenzers of IR Nr. X von Blasny go about their work. Led by the dynamic Oberleutnant Wolfgang von Wolf, the grenzers patrol day and night, ever watchful...

There are Front Rank 28mm Austrians, based as irregulars for Maurice.


  1. Those fellows mean business.In these winter conditions might they stumble upon a pack of wolves -human or otherwise?
    Great looking figures btw...

  2. Time to send a few reconnaissance parties of my own over the border, I think!

    Well done, lovely work as usual.