People: Velikye Byelgorodniya

Grand Prince Dmitry IV Dmitrovich
Grand Prince Dmitry IV Dmitrovich of the House of Mikhailov, Duke of Kapusta Zemlya, Count of Novi Byelgorod, Hereditary Hetman of the Cassock Horde, and Grand Master of the Order of the Golden Cockerel.

Grand Princess Olga Anastasia Nikolayevna
Her Royal Highness Grand Princess Olga Anastasia Nikolayevna of Velikye Byelgorodniya, Duchess of Kapusta Zemlya, Pfalzgr√§fin von Standarten-Pudel, and Colonel-in-Chief of the Grand Princess’ Own Novi Byelgorod Grenadiers, beloved wife of our Most Noble Grand Prince Dmitry IV Dmitrovich. The Grand Princess has granted the Grenadiers the honour of guarding her person, and the entry standards are extremely stringent; only the tallest, strongest and handsomest soldiers are recruited into this proud regiment.

Dowager Grand Princess Anna Ivanovna
Dowager Grand Princess Anna Ivanovna, the mother of Grand Prince Dmitry IV and widow of Grand Prince Dmitry III. As Countess of Vulgargrad and Honorary Commandant of its fort, she enjoys the dubious honour of having the largest artillery piece in the Principality named after her. The bombard Princess Anna is every bit as large and loud as its namesake. Note that the picture is somewhat flattering in its portrayal of the Dowager Grand Princess; the artist has taken the liberty of omitting the team of heavy horses harnessed to her corset stays for the duration of her sitting.

Count Pavel Romanovich Peripatenko
Count Pavel Romanovich Peripatenko, Diplomat, Traveller and Ambassador-at-Large of the Court of Velikye Byelgorodniya.

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