Saturday, December 22, 2012

Generaloberst von Guus-Steppe Reviewing the Army

Mindful that current tensions in Nizhny Bublik could boil over into outright conflict at any time, Generaloberst Ferdinand von Guus-Steppe has ordered a review of the army.

In accordance with his wishes, the officers and men of Dragoner des Manganovia Blimp (Countess Blimp's Own Manganovian Dragoons) parade themselves for inspection before returning to barracks in march column by squadrons.

Immediately thereafter, the officers and men of regiments II, III, VI and V of the Ducal army parade in field dress with colours on display. What enemy could fail to shudder when faced by such stalwart troops?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Border patrol

As tensions mount and events more inexorably towards war it seems there is little left to do now but prepare for the worst. Or wurst, if you're a member of the catering korps obviously...

Out on the border between Ober Kraftwerk and Nizhny Bublik the indefatigable grenzers of IR Nr. X von Blasny go about their work. Led by the dynamic Oberleutnant Wolfgang von Wolf, the grenzers patrol day and night, ever watchful...

There are Front Rank 28mm Austrians, based as irregulars for Maurice.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gazetteer of Velikye Byelgorodniya Now Complete!

The learned and well-travelled Count Peripatenko completed his overview of our great Principality on the morning of his departure for Hesse-Kassoulet. He has entrusted me, his loyal secretary and amanuensis, with ensuring its publication.

As his coach pulled up before his summer residence, the Count pressed the manuscript into my hands with the words, "Feliks, see if you can get this to the printers without that sycophantic poltroon Bibliotekhsky getting wind of it, there's a good lad." With that, he smiled and slapped me on the shoulder, climbed into the coach, and was gone.

The final chapters of the Gazetteer, dealing with the provinces of Tupoy and Krashdipezantsk, are now published here for all to see and marvel at!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Officers of the army of Saxe-Coburn und Buchholz

Here we see Generaloberst Ferdinand von Guus-Steppe, general of the army (right), having a last word with Stabshauptmann Gerhard von Blomphfart (left), before he leaves on his diplomatic mission to Syldavia.

See how the Stabshauptmann waves cheerily before departing? He leaves in good spirits, knowing he has avoided real trouble along the way having palmed off the map given to him by Herr Gruber to a mystified general's aide. Well done indeed!

Wo ist Gruber?

Somewhere along the road from Gört to Klaatü things have gone awry. This is not wholly unexpected however, at least for one of the travelling party...

"Face it Uncle Franz, we're lost!" sighed Feldwebel Ulfric Gruber, nephew of the infamous cartographer and recently transferred to the newly created Korps von Führern (Corps of Guides).

"We're not lost, people just don't know where we are..." muttered Herr Gruber in response. "Help me with this map. We'll sort things out soon enough. We can't have that idiot Voltaire publishing any more of his 'Wo is Gruber?' kinderbücher now can we? The Herzog bought a box load of the damn things and gives them to every noble with children that visits him. Most embarrassing..."

"You're holding it upside down. Again." grunted Ulfric, getting somewhat tetchy.

"Really?!? Ha! Twice in one day. These Byelgorodniyans really can't make a decent map can they? This would never happen with one of mine." laughed Franz, totally at odds with reality once again. "Right, have a look down that road there and tell me what you see..."

"I can see the backs of all the trees we walked past just now Uncle." growled Ulfric.

"Well then, that means it can only be this way..." said Franz turning about face yet again, completely unaware of his nephew picking up a large branch and testing it's weight with a couple of practice swings before following his Uncle with real purpose in his stride at last.

Nobody is sure who left the second 'a' out of Klaatü on the sign.
At least nobody is willing to admit to it anyway...

And so it went for the next two days until they were found by a cavalry patrol, half a dozen miles from where they had started out...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gazetteer of Buchholz complete!

Herr Franz Gruber, cartographer to Herzog Mikhail wishes to inform all who care to note that the Gazetteer of Buchholz is complete! Work has now begin in earnest upon the Gazetteer of Saxe-Coburn...